Website Maintenance

Maintaining Your Site

Every website on every technology platform needs to be maintained. The WordPress environment is constantly changing, with new platform releases about twice a year, and updated versions of themes and plugins changing weekly to keep up to date with functionality and securities. Sometimes these changed don’t play well together, and elements of your site can go down, leaving your business vulnerable.

Kerrigan Creative offers a Monthly Maintenance Service which means your website receives the care it needs every month to keep running optimally. It will be monitored daily and kept up to date without you having to worry about it. And in the event of malware attack or if your website is hacked, it will be restored at no cost to you.

This service involves running securities and malware scanning every 24 hours. Theme and plugin updates are implemented and the impact of these updates on the site checked to ensure no breakage in functionality. The site is monitored for performance and uptime, and full site backups are scheduled daily, downloaded and stored safely offsite (on a different server). Website speed is audited and we check for broken links and page redirects.

A new version of the WordPress platform is usually released about twice a year. These updates will be rolled out for you and any functionality compromises managed.

Spam Comments on blog posts or forums (where applicable) will be deleted and the constantly changing database tables will be optimized to prevent file bloat. New images will be compressed appropriately so they don’t slow the site down. This will enhance the site’s SEO ranking with Google and other site engines.

Google Console (Webmaster Tools) is also checked monthly for inconsistencies or possible issues.

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