Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is an area of specialty all its own, and to be done well requires ongoing management. Kerrigan Creative offers an initial SEO Assessment where possible keyword terms are thoroughly researched, integrates the strategy decided upon into the website content, and tracks the success of the project over time.

SEO Research and Strategy Development

  • Research the keyword possibilities and their metrics, including volume, competition and KEI (keyword efficiency index)
  • Scoop keyword options from Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines, Google Web Console, competitor sites and more, including both short and long-tail keyword terms
  • Identify terms most relevant to your site
  • Analyse search engine traffic metrics for identified keywords
  • Review competitor websites for keyword optimisation and ranking
  • Identify the best keywords for your site
  • Present the keyword analysis with recommendations to you for approval
  • High-level recommendations provided as to how to structure your page and incorporate these keywords into headings and paragraphs.
  • Setup Google Analytics for tracking website views.

Please note, this service does not guarantee your site a top-ranking position. This SEO Analysis will get you off to a great start but to rank well on a SERP (search engine results page) requires ongoing work such as reviewing competitor SEO efforts, creating inbound links to your site, adding to your content and more. These ongoing efforts all have a big influence on your search rankings, and strategies need to be reviewed and tweaked constantly.

On-Page SEO Customisation

This package includes:

  • Initial set up of individual pages so they optimised to be easily found by Google and other search engines
  • Page optimised for a high-level keyword and content, rewritten where required, to include the cornerstone keyword term and supporting terms where appropriate
  • Title, Meta Description and Slug optimised
  • Headings, Images and Snippets adjusted accordingly.

SEO Tracking and Reporting

This refers to the monthly ongoing management of your site’s SEO, and includes the following services:

  • Track the ranking of targetted keyword terms
  • Make recommendations for edits and changes where necessary
  • Monitor new keyword search terms that rate highly on the ‘Keyword Efficiency Index’
  • Monthly reporting on results of search engine optimisation
  • Monthly reporting on Google Analytics and site traffic.

Please note that search engine optimisation takes time and effort and results are not instant. Search engines control the timeframes for results and it can take days or weeks for your site to rank.

It’s a good idea to block your IP address (your computer/device’s specific address) from Google Analytics, so that you don’t skew your page’s visitor stats with your own visits. This is done within the Google Analytics dashboard.

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