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I had the pleasure of working with Amanda McKay, the founder of BodyMindSoul. Amanda is a holistic wellness coach who focuses on helping mothers achieve balance and wellness in their lives. Amanda reached out to me for my expertise in branding and design, as she wanted to establish a visual identity, and develop a website that would resonate with her target audience. As someone who is passionate about health and wellness myself, I was thrilled to take on the project and help Amanda bring her vision to life. Through careful consideration and collaboration, we were able to create a fresh and elegant visual brand design that perfectly captures the essence of BodyMindSoul and its mission to support mothers in their daily lives.

The colour palette used in the design significantly impacts the target market’s perceptions. It evokes feelings of warmth, nurturing, grounding, and elegance. Motherhood, femininity, and nature are frequently associated with earth and dusty pink hues.

The design elements throughout speak to BodyMindSoul’s personality, values, and message, ensuring continuity of its message, an important consideration in attracting the target market. We wanted mothers who might be going through a difficult time, to feel uplifted and inspired. An elegant style, clean lines, simple typography, and peaceful graphics convey an overall sense of reassurance and warmth.

A successful brand design should strive to create a consistent and cohesive visual language that resonates with the emotions and values of the target market. How well it aligns with its mission will determine the visual brand design’s success.

Brand board natural restful elements and palette
Brand Board designed for BodyMindSoul Visual Brand


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