Established in 2000, Kerrigan Creative is a product of my passion for design and digital marketing, and helping small businesses grow.

Your branding and your website are generally the first impressions you make on your customers, and you don’t get a second chance.

I understand that fledgling businesses often can’t justify shelling out massive portions of budget for this, and they don’t have to. There are now so many affordable, effective and instant options to reach your customers, and I’m here to help you do it.

I love to see businesses flourish and succeed. My job is to help establish your visual brand through customised graphic design, tailored website design and development, and carefully planned and executed strategies for a comprehensive and effective online presence.

My mission is to create the visual tools you need to tell your brand story, communicate your message and above all, capture the hearts and minds of the clients that need you.

Web designer, graphic designer, online marketing professional, mother to a gorgeous teenager and servant to a grumpy cat. I live in Auckland NZ, was born in Johannesburg (a rather long time ago now) and I’ve been a proud New Zealand citizen for nearly ten years.

I started out as a Graphic Designer over 25 years ago, and built my first website in 1997. I’ve helped shape brands of all shapes and sizes, but it’s working with small enterprises that really makes me happy.

Let’s Get Started

I live in Auckland and connect with my clients throughout New Zealand via Skype or telephone. If you’d like an obligation-free conversation just book a time here that’s convenient for you.